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Empower Employee Growth with SkillMapper's AI-Powered L&D Platform: Our all-in-one solution allows you to harness the power of tailor what, how, and when your teams learn, while also providing advanced analytics to track their progress and seamlessly manage L&D budgets.

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Tired of one size fits all learning?

Use AI to create personalized learning paths based on learning preferences (courses, videos, books, podcasts...), skill level and job requirements.

Struggling to monitor your team's learning progress?

Monitor and gain insights on your employees progress with easy-to-understand, in-depth reports and analytics.

Don’t know how to use your L&D budget?

Gain access to over 500,000 curated learning experiences from top tech providers. Save money by optimizing your L&D budget through our flexible smart wallets.

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Effective Employee Training!

Unlock your company's potential with our tailored training solutions and drive growth today!


Personalize your learning with our AI-Copilot and Marketplace

Source, create and deploy personalized learning in a blink of an eye with our AI-copilot and save up to 30 hours in the process!

Curate content, assign it, and track progress

Make education simpler by creating learning paths, like assembling a playlist or mapping out a roadmap of tasks...

Manage, allocate, and track your company's learning budget

Effortlessly oversee your L&D budget at a glance through our user-friendly, comprehensive dashboards...

Gain actionable insights by monitoring every aspect...

Get insights on the progress and most demanded content. Effortlessly explore our user-friendly dashboards and uncover trends...

Effortless setup and
seamless integration into your team's
daily workflow

SkillMapper simplifies provisioning and integrates into your team's day-to-day workflows in a breeze.

Effortlessly onboard your teams via your HRIS.

Receive timely notifications and trigger actions directly within Slack channels.

Quick sign-in via SSO.

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SkillMapper offers a personalized learning experience, allowing organizations to tailor the content and training pace for each employee. With our innovative AI-CoPilot feature and curated marketplace, we provide a comprehensive solution that stands unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, our smart wallets empower your teams to manage and optimize their L&D spending, both within our platform and externally, as long as managers approve the learning providers.

Absolutely! With SkillMapper, you can manage, allocate, and track your company's learning budget at organizational and team-specific levels. Our intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards provide real-time insights, ensuring you stay within your budget while offering top-notch learning resources to your employees.

We've partnered with leading content providers like Coursera, Udemy, Domestika, and others to ensure a diverse and quality-driven selection of courses and learning materials in our marketplace. Nevertheless, if your teams prefer to consume content from external providers, they can always use their credit in other learning experiences as long as managers approve them.

SkillMapper is designed for seamless integration into your team's day-to-day work. We offer direct integration with popular platforms, real-time notifications, and the ability to initiate actions directly within tools like Slack (soon Microsoft Teams), ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Moreover, during the onboarding process, you can seamlessly integrate your preferred HRIS for easy implementation.

It's simple! To learn more about this SkillMapper, click Book a Demo, select a convenient date and time, and you'll receive a comprehensive and detailed product demonstration with the opportunity to have your questions addressed during the session.

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